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Smart Dual Illuminators IP Cameras



Smart Dual Illumination technology adopts deep learning algorithm to detect targets. Usually only the IR illuminator is on at night. When a person appears in the monitoring area, the white-light LED will be triggered and turned on so it can record all key events in full color. The active alarm will also be triggered when the target is in the rule area for warning purpose. When there's no target in the monitoring area, the white light turns off and the IR illuminator turns back on, which significantly reduces light pollution in the area.


Smart Illumination Mode (Default): Switch between IR Mode and white light when target is detected.

IR Mode (Optional): Only the IR illuminator is ON. It is suitable for scenes where supplementary white light is not required, significantly reducing light pollution.

White Light Mode (Optional): Only the white light is ON. It is suitable for scenes that require color video footages.


Smart Dual Illuminators

nSmart Illumination (Default): Switch between IR Mode and White Light Mode when a target is detected.

nIR Mode (Optional): Only IR illuminator is on. Less use of supplementary white light means less light pollution in the area.

nWhite Light Mode (Optional): Only white light is on. It is suitable for application scenarios that require color footages.

Active Deterrence

nWhite Spotlight; Enhanced Sound Alarm; Real-time Notification.

nActive Deterrence in the specified area intrusion detected by the human and vehicle detection in the specified areas

nSupports sound and light alarm linkage. When an alarm is triggered, the camera links sound alarm and light flashing

Accurate Alarm

Our cameras offer accurate alarm function by precisely targeting people and vehicles, while filtering out non-target objects such as animals, leaves and car headlights. While keeping false alarm rate under 2%, its powerful AI algorithms also delivers a quicker, more accurate and longer range motion detection.